Woman flicking parrot on beak, feeding it her saliva 'dangerous and abusive', says Parrot Society

Submitted by Stomper Mayb

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The Parrot Society Singapore expressed concern after receiving videos showing a woman flicking a parrot on its beak and feeding the bird her saliva.

These were "dangerous and abusive acts", said the society, which is seeking information about the woman.

Stomper Mayb from Parrot Society Singapore said: "Please help us to spread the word about this bird abuser as we would like to save the bird from this suffering."

Sharing a video of the woman on its social media on Sunday (Feb 19), the society said: "We have received information that this lady has found a green-cheeked conure and is currently in possession of It.

"The videos she has shared about the conure on her public social media (TikTok/Facebook) page are very concerning, as she is feeding the conure inappropriate food and even her own saliva.

"We have also seen videos where she has flicked the bird on its beak. These are all dangerous and abusive acts to the bird and we would like to retrieve the bird from her."

"If anyone knows her or has any information about her, please send us a message privately. We urge the public not to harass or dox the person as this is illegal."

When someone posted a screenshot of the woman's Facebook profile, the society replied: "Please don't do this. We just want to save the bird. Attacking her might just push her underground and it will be more difficult to save the bird."

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