Woman finds worm in bee hoon meal from Joo Chiat Complex eatery

Submitted by Stomper Liza

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Stomper Liza was disgusted when she found the remains of a dead worm in her bee hoon meal that she consumed last Thursday (June 7) at about 10pm.

Her family had visited a stall called Geylang Seafood at a food court in Joo Chiat Complex and bought three packets of bee hoon to take away for Liza and other members of her family.

Liza told Stomp that she was the last to eat her packet of bee hoon at home and found the worm after eating about half of the dish.

"I found the worm while I was picking beansprouts out from the noodles," said Liza.

"I was grossed out and threw the rest of the meal away.

"I was wondering if I had accidentally eaten a part of it before noticing it.

Liza said that the rest of her family's food was fine.

"I'm just sharing this for awareness," she said.

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