Woman finds centipede in bowl of fish soup at Kallang foodcourt: "It almost gave me a heart attack!"

Submitted by Stomper Jeanette

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Stomper Jeanette found a centipede in a bowl of fish soup which she had purchased from a food court in CT Hub at 2 Kallang Avenue earlier today (Oct 12) at about 12pm.

She bought a bowl of fish soup from the fish soup stall and had almost finished her meal when she spotted the insect.

"When I saw the centipede, it almost gave me a heart attack!" she said.

"I was almost finishing my bowl and was slurping the soup when it surfaced.

"It was submerged at the bottom of the bowl."

Jeanette added that the experience was very traumatising for her.

She then asked her colleague to return the bowl of fish soup to the stall and managed to get a full cash refund for it.

"I think the cook did not wash the vegetables properly."