Woman finds abandoned rabbit at Westwood Crescent: "It was shivering"

Submitted by Stomper Joyce

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Stomper Joyce was jogging with her boys at Westwood Crescent on Mar 10 when they found a rabbit covered in mud and dirt at a grass patch.

Joyce added that the rabbit was just a few metres away from the main road, Jalan Bahar.

"The rabbit could have been killed if it hopped towards the main road," she said.

"It was quite dangerous for this little animal."

She said that when she approached the rabbit, it appeared frightened and hopped away from her.

However, she eventually managed to get near and pat it a few times before it allowed her to pick it up.

"I brought it close to my chest and it was shivering," she said.

She also noticed that it had two tiny wounds on its back.

She then brought the animal home, fed it with carrots and gave it a shower with lukewarm water to clean the mud off its body.

The rabbit is believed to be lost or abandoned.

Her heart goes out to the poor animal but unfortunately, she cannot keep it.

She has since left the rabbit in the care of Luxe Pets at Jurong West Street 75.

"If you are the owner of this pet, please call 6790 8750," she said.

"We hope the owner can find its rabbit and reunite again."