Woman feels ripped off by $8.50 nasi padang with sotong, beef lung and potato at Changi Village

Submitted by Stomper Shawner

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How much would you pay for a meal of white rice with squid, beef lung and a potato fritter?

For Stomper Shawner, $8.50 is too much.

The diner said she had purchased nasi padang from Hjh. Salbiah at Changi Village Hawker Centre on Saturday (Nov 19).

She told Stomp: "I was charged $8.50 for three small rings of sotong with five pieces of sotong leg (who eats that?!), paru and bagedil."

Paru is beef lung, while bagedil refers to a deep fried potato patty.

The Stomper added: "When I asked the stall, they claimed they didn't see that they had given me sotong leg.

"What a total rip-off."

So Stompers, please help to settle two debates: Is this meal overpriced? And do you eat sotong leg?