Gym announces closure of outlet 1 month after member signed up for 1 more year, she wants refund

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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She does not want to go to another outlet.

Only the Amore Fitness and Spa at Jurong Point is right for her.

So an Amore member with the Facebook username Ching Ching is not happy that the women-only fitness chain is closing its Jurong Point outlet on Nov 9.

What made it worse was that she had just renewed her one-year membership in August and Amore announced the closure one month later.

She posted in the Complaint Singapore Facebook group on Thursday (Nov 2): "I requested a refund, but Amore Fitness asked me to wait patiently till after closure. Only then can they give me an answer whether they can give me a refund or not."

"I do not want the other options given by them. Their first option is a free upgrade to other outlets, but other outlets are inconvenient for me.

"Why should I be paying more in transportation fees and spending more on travelling time just to go to other outlets? Jurong Point outlet is within walking distance from my home and I can utilise it daily after work.

"Their second option of getting people to convert to spa treatments is even more ridiculous. Their spas are also at other outlets. The distance is also inconvenient. People signed up to exercise, but they ask people to convert to their spa treatments?

"Their third option is to allow transfer of membership to another person provided the person is an existing member. If the member is new, I need to pay them extra fees for the transfer.

"I feel this is a cheat because they should not let people sign up in August. At that time, they surely already knew they were going to close down the outlet on Nov 9 even before they notified me in September."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesperson for Amore Fitness said: "We have been alerted as well to the customer’s post and have also been addressing/responding to the customer in mention via email on a regular and ongoing basis.

"We would like to address that Amore is relocating within the Jurong vicinity and thus have informed members of the coming closure at Jurong Point on Nov 9 as at Sept 12. Members were informed as soon as the company received confirmation of the changes and provided with alternative options for their existing membership at Jurong Point."

Some of these options included:

A free upgrade for members with a Single-Club Membership package to an All-Club Membership package to ensure that they can continue to utilise their membership and continue their fitness routine at other Amore Fitness’ outlets such as (in order of proximity to Jurong Point):

  • Hillion Mall
  • Plaza Singapura
  • Woodlands Civic Centre
  • Heartland Mall
  • Seletar Mall
  • Tampines One

The spokesperson added: "Complimentary suspension of their membership until the opening of the new outlet in Jurong slated for Q2 2024. There is usually a chargeable suspension fee for requests outside of such cases.

"For members who prefer alternatives to the above, our customer service team is proactively speaking to them to see how we can meet their requests."