Woman falls off bicycle after bus gets too close to her along Choa Chu Kang Road

Submitted by Stomper Johnson Ang

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Stomper Johnson Ang's wife was left injured after falling off her bicycle on Saturday morning (Jan 12) -- no thanks to a bus who went too close towards her.

The incident occurred along Choa Chu Kang Road, towards Bukit Batok, at around 8.11am.

Johnson, who was cycling in front of his wife, captured the incident on video.

The 52-year-old recounted: "The coach was travelling beside my wife.

"As it approached my wife, it drove closer and closer, causing her to react instinctively and ride closer to the kerb to avoid the coach."

"As a result, she hit the kerb and fell towards the grass verge," he added.

Johnson said that his wife, 49-year-old Grace Tan, hit her head and sustained abrasions on her left leg as a result.

As they were superficial injuries, Ms Tan did not see a doctor.

Johnson told Stomp: "I think it's more of a wrong judgement on the driver's part. He should have slowed down and overtaken with a bigger gap from my wife when the next lane was clear of traffic.

"As can be seen from the video, the green SG Bus overtook safely by driving into the next lane."