Man tails cousin's hubby to Orchard Rd bar -- and sees women exposing breasts, doing lap dances

A man took videos and photos exposing the shady happenings at a legitimate nightspot in Orchard Road. 

A reader, Ms Lin, 30, told Lianhe Wanbao that she had tasked her cousin to tail her husband into a bar at Orchard Road, where he took photos and videos of scantily dressed women exposing their breasts and hips to male customers. Some even gave customers lap dances. The videos and photos were sent to Lianhe Wanbao. 

In a video that Stomp has also viewed, a woman in a white top and blue miniskirt is seen giving a customer a lap dance and then sitting on the man’s thigh. She is also seen gyrating her hips and bouncing on the man's lap seductively. 

At one point, the woman is seen moving in a sexually suggestive manner and moaning. 

The man then reaches out and tugs at her top, exposing her right breast. 

The woman does not seem to mind his actions. Smiling, she readjusts her top and resumes her lap dance. 

The man subsequently lifts her skirt, exposing her hips, while she buries her face in the man’s chest.

Ms Lin said that through the photos and videos, she hopes to warn the public about the bar's clandestine operations.

She said:

“At the time, there were about 20 male customers. There were more than 10 scantily dressed women. 

“These women would get close to the customers. Some even started giving lap dances.”According to Lianhe Wanbao, these women usually seduce male customers into making transactions. Once both parties come to an agreement, the women would ask customers to wait for them in the bar's “toilet”.

The “toilet” at the establishment houses several cubicles and the entrance is guarded by employees. Only customers who have agreed to a transaction beforehand may enter. 

Other customers are required to use the toilets at a shopping centre nearby. 

Lianhe Wanbao attempted to visit the bar to investigate the matter. An employee told the reporters that only customers who made reservations may enter. 

The reporters also saw many young women entering the bar. Based on their accent, the women were likely Vietnamese nationals.