Woman evicts son and his wife from house after dispute involving adopted daughter

A woman accused her daughter-in-law of “bullying” her adopted daughter of 10 years, and sent her harassing SMSes, cursing her to die. 

The upset woman then evicted her son and his wife, with the police being alerted. 

The 48-year-old woman told reporters that her adopted daughter’s biological mother was a friend who had the girl through a premarital pregnancy. 

The friend later asked the woman to look after her daughter who was then just eight months old. 

The woman told Shin Min Daily News:

“At first, she (my friend) still gave us some money for living expenses, and we remained in contact. However, we became distant after a while. She eventually handed her daughter’s birth certificate to me and asked me to look after her.

“Now, the girl is already 10 years old. Although she is not my biological daughter, I treat her as my own. I did not expect this to cause my daughter-in-law to be unhappy.

“She thought that I was showing favouritism. We are not on talking terms due to this issue.”

The woman said that on June 28 this year, a neighbour witnessed the girl getting forcefully brought to the void deck by her daughter-in-law.

She alleged that her daughter-in-law, who is in her 20s, even shouted at the girl in the public.

The neighbour could not bear to see the girl getting “bullied” and went up to intervene. This unwittingly caused a commotion. 

The woman also showed reporters a photo of the incident, adding:

“My daughter-in-law thinks I show favouritism to an outsider. She was so angry with me that she hurled vulgarities and sent me harassing SMSes to curse me.

“In the messages, she asked me and my adopted daughter to go and die. I was very upset upon receiving the messages and told my son about it.

“However, he chose to side with his wife. In my disappointment, I evicted the both of them.”

In addition to the incident, the woman also said that her son left home together with his wife and their daughter while she was not at home last Sunday (July 1).

She returned home later to find her room locked, and the house in a mess. 

She said:

“The drawers were flipped. There were scattered tidbits and spilled soda all over the floor. They even dismantled the air-conditioner.”

The woman revealed that her son was quite close to her and her husband, but became a “completely changed person”. 

She said that now her adopted daughter was the victim, but her son would rather defend the culprit. 

The woman’s daughter-in-law denied the accusations and claimed that the woman had “cursed” her two-month-old daughter to die.

However, the woman insisted that she has always doted on her granddaughter. 

She said that she thought the matter had concluded with her son and daughter-in-law leaving the house, but later found out that her daughter-in-law had posted about the incident online.

She said that her daughter-in-law accused her of siding with her adopted daughter and cursing her own granddaughter to die. 

The woman denied the claims. She also cited the incident when her daughter-in-law had “bullied” her adopted daughter.

“At that time, my neighbour told her, “if someone treated your child in this manner, how would you feel?”.  My neighbour also advised her to stop.

“However my daughter-in-law twisted the story and accused me and my neighbour of ganging up on her. She even said we cursed my own two-month-old granddaughter to die before her third month.”

The woman added that her son first met his wife three years ago, and got married in December 2017. The two gave birth to a baby daughter in May this year. 

She said:

“I initially objected to them dating, but after they got married, I really considered her my daughter-in-law. I have never ill-treated her. I even doted on my granddaughter. How can I not?”

When reporters attempted to contact the woman’s son and his wife on Wednesday (July 4), the daughter-in-law declined the interview and denied bullying her mother-in-law’s adopted daughter. 

The woman’s son declined to comment.