Woman ends up with 'big hole' on top of head after hair treatment at Jurong salon goes horribly wrong

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What was supposed to be a relaxing hair treatment turned into a nightmare for a woman when she realised that a chunk of her hair had fallen out midway through the treatment, leaving a "big hole" on top of her head.

Facebook user Kelestine Kee took to social media on Friday (Jan 15) to share her woes after her hair treatment went horribly awry. The post has since caught the attention of many netizens and has garnered over 700 comments and 4,500 shares.

This is going to be a super long post and it took me long before deciding to post this unfortunate incident. On 26...

Posted by Kelestine Kee on Friday, January 15, 2021

Kelestine shared that she visited K A Hair Salon in Jurong West on November 26 last year in hopes to get her hair rebonded and coloured. She explained that this was her third visit to K A Hair Salon in 2020.

Kelestine recounted that the procedure started with a chemical application to soften her hair, during which she felt "an itch" and "some burning sensation". However, she did not think much of it and continued with the treatment.

"(The hairdresser) went on and tried her best to soak my hair with some chemical which I'm not sure of. She panic a big time when my hair were coming off bunch by bunch as she combed and it was so exploded," wrote Kelestine.

"That moment I knew my hair was gone, I can't escape the fact that I'll have to snip it short. I was still cool at this time but the next thing I realised was a freaking big hole on top of my head.

"I stopped her immediately and we were all shocked. She started saying she did not notice if there was a big hole before the treatment so she ain't sure if it was because of the chemical. I can't accept it. I told her the hole was so huge and if it was there previously, she could have seen it during application of the chemical."

(Photo: Kelestine Kee/Facebook)

(Photo: Kelestine Kee/Facebook)

Kelestine explained that despite the hairdresser's insistence on continuing the treatment, she decided to leave and "get a second opinion" from someplace else.

She added that the "the damage was horrible" and was mentally prepared that she might have to resort to shaving her head.

When Kelestine returned to K A Hair Salon two days later on November 28, she said that the hairdresser apologised multiple times, to which Kelestine replied that she will be needing professional treatment to speed up the growth of her hair.

"I asked for compensation for treatment and even if it's not the full amount, at least cover a good portion of it which I estimated to be at least $10,000. I am fine even if they are sincere to get $6,000," Kelestine wrote.

"They asked for a lesser amount but I am not willing (to accept that they will) brush me off with $1,000 to $2,000.

"The lady boss then told me to get quotations for treatment with a professional and she will speak with her partners on compensation."

However, things quickly took a sour turn the next day, when the hairdresser "refused to acknowledge the treatment fee" that was previously discussed.

"For weeks now, I am still dealing with hair loss each time I wash my hair. I'm trying hard to cover the hair holes when I'm outside," Kelestine added.

"I'm coping with the new hair growing (in all) directions. The mental torture, it's no joke."

(Photo: Kelestine Kee/Facebook)

Kelestine concluded her post by stating that she received a lawyer letter representing the hair salon on Friday (Jan 15) denying responsibility of the incident.

"I can't believe that they turned their words. Many asked why I didn't smash their shop (on Facebook) when it happened, I replied that I know she did not mean it," Kelestine wrote.

"But now, I regret not smashing their shop (on Facebook) because they (dare to do but don't dare to admit) and now, I feel like a fool."

(Photo: Kelestine Kee/Facebook)

According to Chinese-language newspaper Lianhe Zaobao, a hairdresser at the salon, when contacted, said that a lawyer was already asked to handle the matter. The hairdresser did not want to speak further about the incident.

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