Woman endangers her life by crossing road when red man is showing

Submitted by Stomper Albert

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A woman crossed a traffic junction along Siglap Road while the red man was showing caused Stomper Albert to jam on the brakes of his car.

The incident happened at the junction of Siglap Road and East Coast Road at around 11.27pm on Sep 29.

In a video he shared with Stomp taken from his in-car camera, the woman was seen showing him a hand gesture after he honked at her.

The green light, indicating that vehicles had the right of way, was showing when the woman was crossing the road.

"When I was driving along Siglap Road, I came across this woman crossing the road when the 'red man' was on," he said to Stomp in a phone interview.

"I immediately braked and honked at her.

"She then stopped before slowly taking her time to cross the road.

"She also showed me a hand gesture as if I was in the wrong.

"This made me wonder - what is she doing?"