Woman eats 'aloe vera' on live stream but panics after realising it's a poisonous plant

A 26-year-old Chinese woman was rushed to hospital after biting into a poisonous plant while she was live-streaming.

The woman, surnamed Zhang, had mistaken the plant for a harmless aloe vera leaf and told her viewers that the best way to benefit from the plant is to eat it.

However, it turned out that what she actually was eating was a poisonous century plant, or agave Americana.

At first she expressed that it was yummy but the video took a drastic turn when she said: "Oh, that's bitter. That is really bitter."

According to Apple Daily, she is still recovering in hospital and she said that her mouth had gone "numb" and her throat felt like it was "on fire".

She also reportedly lost her voice.

Doctors had to pump her stomach to remove the poisonous substance from her body after seeing her severe rashes and blisters.