Woman disgusted to find metal strip in meal she bought from Pasir Ris stall

Submitted by Stomper Sandy

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Stomper Sandy was disgusted to find a piece of metal in her meal she bought from a stall at Pasir Ris Drive 6 on Monday (Oct 8) at about 1pm.

She had asked for her meal to be packed and brought it home to have for lunch.

Halfway through eating her meal, she saw the metal strip that she believes came from a metal scouring ball used for washing dishes.

"I could obviously tell that the piece came from the metal scouring ball," she said.

Metal scouring ball. Photo: Internet

"It's disgusting that there was no hygiene practised by them at all.

"This thing should not have been found inside the food."

She told Stomp that she did not go back to tell the stall workers about what she found.

"I will never go there to pack food home anymore," she said.