Found: Woman desperately looking for Rolex she lost on her way to airport

Submitted by Stomper Sonia

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Update on June 26:

The item has been found and reunited with its owner.

Original article:

Stomper Sonia is seeking help for any kind soul who might have found her lost Rolex watch.

She lost it on Jun 19 at around 10.54pm when she had booked a taxi to take her to Changi Airport.

"It was a white Mercedes taxi with licence plate number SHC3133U.

"When I realised my watch had slipped off without me realising it, I called the booking hotline an hour later and was told that my watch wasn't there.

"This watch is of great sentimental value to me and I have exhausted all my resources.

"The worst part is that I have a flight to catch and won't be back till Jun 26.

"I sincerely hope the kind person who picked it up would return it to me and I will definitely be most thankful to offer a token for the trouble."

If you have any information regarding the lost watch, kindly email Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.

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