Woman claims she was told to leave vet clinic after dispute over 'walk-in fee'

The New Paper
March 8, 2023

She wanted to get her pet cat treated, but instead was made to leave the clinic. 

In her post uploaded on Facebook group Complaint Singapore on Tuesday (March 7), cat owner Juliet Isabella said she was seeking treatment for her cat, Hachi, after it vomited several times while suffering from “an inflammation in his private area”. 

She visited Ohana VetCare in Loyang last Friday, after calling the clinic “many times” between 6.25pm and 7.25pm to no avail. 

Ohana VetCare's opening hours are stated as 10am to 12pm, 2pm to 6pm, and 7pm to 9pm.

Unable to secure an appointment, Isabella made her way down to the clinic nevertheless. 

When she arrived there at 8pm, she said there were three staff members at the counter, adding that the clinic was not full. 

She then explained to one of them that the clinic had been “uncontactable”, but in response, she claimed she was told she would have to pay an “additional walk-in fee” of $72.11. 

After being directed to the consultation room to see the vet, she raised the issue of the walk-in fee and was met with similar nonchalance.

“(The vet) never once bothered to ask me what happened to Hachi. He only made it clear to me that if I don't pay the extra walk-in fee of $72.11, he will not see or treat [my cat] at all,” she claimed. 

When she told the vet that her numerous calls went unanswered, she said he told her to “go see another vet” if she was not happy with their service.

She alleged that the vet “stood up and opened the door” at that point, indicating for her to leave the clinic, and saying "I don’t think you’ll pay the add-on walk-in fee" as he did so. 


Responding to TNP’s queries about the Facebook post, Ohana VetCare said it “does not feel the need to clarify or elaborate on the matter”. 

Warning other netizens about her experience at the clinic in her post, Isabella said: “Please be cautious when choosing the right vet for your furkiddo. Don't feel obliged or fall prey into paying any additional pet service fee without a valid reason.”