Woman chopes parking lot by standing in it, refuses to budge even when honked at

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Stomper Anonymous was about to park her car in a parking lot along Tyrwhitt Road when someone got in her way -- literally.

A woman stood in the parking lot to reserve the space for another car and refused to move even when honked at by the Stomper.

Anonymous, who shared a video of the incident, said it occurred on Wednesday afternoon (May 15), at around 3.30pm.

In the video, the woman can be seen standing in the parking lot and waving a white car over.

When Anonymous honked at her, the woman turned to look at the Stomper remained in her position.

The white car started reversing and eventually parked in the lot, and a man got out from the vehicle

Anonymous, who was alone in her car when the incident occurred, told Stomp: "I drove off to find another lot as I was in a hurry.

"Is this a new trend in Singapore now?"

"Please warn everyone that such behaviour is uncalled for and creates a nuisance on the road. It can potentially harm road users."