Woman charged $9 waiting fee -- even though she's the one who waited 20 min for Gojek driver

Submitted by Stomper J

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A woman spent ages waiting for her Gojek driver to show up — and yet ended up being the one to incur a $9 waiting fee.

To date, there is still no resolution to the fare dispute for the ride that she took last month on April 11.

Stomper J had booked a Gojek ride from Sengkang to Jewel Changi Airport for $16.70, but ended up being charged $25.70 after the waiting fee was added in.

J said: "The driver didn't arrive at the right pick-up point and made me wait for at least 20 minutes, but yet charged me $9 as a waiting fee. In addition, I had called him four times to check his location."

"The Gojek app claimed that he had waited for 62 minutes, which was ridiculous," said J, who also shared screenshots of her equally frustrating conversations with Gojek's help centre.

The Stomper added: "I have been in contact with Gojek since April 11 with evidence and yet they claimed that the driver reached within a reasonable time. Till now, they have not replied me and refused to refund me despite my follow-ups."

J told Stomp: "It's just so frustrating that I have no way to reach them.

"I find it unfair that I have to pay for the driver's dishonesty. Although it's only $9, it's just not right for them to charge me when I was the one waiting for so long."

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