Woman charged $7 for sotong hitam in nasi padang, calls it 'daylight robbery'

Submitted by Stomper Rasya

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Squid game?

You have heard the expression "blur like sotong", but perhaps it should be "expensive like sotong".

A woman was charged $7 for the sotong hitam in her nasi padang and she called it "daylight robbery".

Stomper Rasya would not say where she bought the food from except that it was in the east side of Singapore.

Sharing photos of the nasi padang and the receipt, she said: "This meal cost me $9.20!"

The receipt shows that the rice was $1, the vegetable was $1.20 and the sotong hitam was $7, all of which add up to $9.20.

The Stomper said the price was unreasonable and the food was not worth it

She has a message for all food stall owners: "Please be reasonable with the price you charge. We all know that prices are all increasing, but getting this kind of serving for the price is totally not worth it."

"I don't mind paying if the serving size is satisfactory, but this 'big' (as claimed) piece of squid costing $7 was not.

"FYI, at the Geylang Serai wet market, 1kg of squid costs $7."

She added that this was the first and last time she patronised the nasi padang stall.