Woman charged $5.20 for economy rice because 'sardine is the same as steamed fish'

Submitted by Stomper Marilyn

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Stomper Marilyn was charged $5.20 for a plate of economy rice at the Foodmaster food court at Fusionopolis Galaxis on Jan 31.

Her meal consisted of sardines, bittergourd, and long beans with minced meat.

However, Marilyn feels that $5.20 is too expensive for just three dishes with rice.

She said: "I asked the lady at the stall why was the price so high.

"She said it was because I chose a fish as one of my dishes.

"I told her it was a sardine fish. Caned sardine and not the fresh steamed one.

"The lady said it was the same.

"I wonder how people working around here cope with prices like this.

"'Economic rice'? I think some food courts are losing the vision of feeding the masses."

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