Woman cares for lovebird that flew into her Tampines home -- then sets it free

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A Stomper took care of an Agapornis, also known as, a lovebird, that flew into her Tampines flat for approximately an hour on Aug 4 before setting it free.

She described the experience as "exciting and cute" because it was a first time a bird flew into her home.

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The Stomper who resides on the 10th storey, said: "It was at around 10am, my employer saw the bird on our window ledge and told me to come and see.

"I was so excited upon seeing it so I made noises to try and attract it, so the bird flew in.

"I didn't know what do birds like to eat so I just gave something I hoped it would like. Unfortunately, it doesn't like bananas and blueberries, it jumped away.

"Then I gave it water and rice and the bird seemed to really like it, it ate and drank a lot."

The Stomper also said that the lovebird behaved really "human-like".

"It jumped into the container of water which I gave it to drink, and it looked like it was showering, jumping here and there. It was so cute," she said with a laugh.

Sadly, the Stomper and her new-found friend had to part after about an hour.

"My employer was worried that the bird might carry diseases because there is an elderly grandma at home.

"She also told me to let the bird go because it most probably would want to fly freely outdoors. She also jokingly told the bird that it could come to visit anytime it wants.

"This was a very unforgettable moment and I hope that it can live well."

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