Woman calls private-hire driver nasty names after making him wait 30 minutes before paying fare

Submitted by Stomper Mr Wong

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A passenger turned nasty despite making a private-hire driver wait 30 minutes for her to pay him for her ride.

Stomper Mr Wong shared with Stomp how disappointed he was with the encounter that happened on Thursday night (May 18)

"I have been driving since I retired from the army and recently, encountered a lot of unreasonable passengers even with fare evasion," he said.

"I do not understand why people behave like that.

"They think drivers make a lot of money but we face so many problems with the app provider for the ride and the rental is so high.

"We hardly earn a living.

"I am disappointed with an experience involving a lady I picked up from Little India going to Punggol.

"The fare was $33.60.

"When I arrived at the destination, she said that she had no cash and her phone battery was low.

"She also mentioned she had to go up to the house and charge the phone before paying the fare through PayNow.

"I waited for half an hour and there was no payment until I had to message her and tell her I was going to make a police report.

"Then she transferred and started to curse with all the idiotic words.

"I never expected such a high-end person with education to behave like this."