Woman buys milk from FairPrice at City Square Mall -- and finds that it looks like 'yellow water'

Submitted by Stomper Es

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Stomper Es visited FairPrice supermarket at City Square Mall on Thursday (March 21), at around 2pm, and bought four packets of full cream milk from its housebrand.

She then placed them in a fridge and opened one packet the following morning (March 22) for her son's breakfast, but was dismayed at what she found.

She told Stomp: "The milk looked like water. It was thin, yellowish and had a curdling smell.

"I always buy this brand of milk but this is the first time something like that has happened."

Following her discovery, Es returned to the supermarket on the same day and returned all four packets of milk. She was also given a refund.

In response to a Stomp query, a FairPrice spokesman said: "Food safety and quality are of paramount concern to FairPrice and we have since initiated a full investigation on the alleged product issue.

"We have also offered an apology and given a full refund to the customer on 22 March 2019 who bought the product from FairPrice @ City Square Mall outlet the day before.

"Checks on existing samples did not reveal any anomalies for the product in question."

The supermarket chain's Freshness Guarantee policy allows customers to return or exchange fresh products that are of an unsatisfactory quality at the same store of purchase with their receipt, added the spokesman.

He said: "Customers can also reach us at our Customer Relations Hotline at 6552 2722 or through email at general.feedback@fairprice.com.sg with any questions."

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