Woman buys $10 dentures from FB ad, realises they are toy teeth while trying to put them on

When a woman came across a Facebook advertisement for false teeth last month, she thought it was a good deal.

After all, the promotion even offered free lower teeth with purchase of upper teeth.

Ms Luo Tailan, 65, ended up purchasing six sets of teeth for $65.

She told Shin Min Daily News: "I was asked to leave my name and address. Around two weeks later, I received the order. As it was cash on delivery, I did not manage to open and check the package, and just paid the delivery person."

When Ms Luo tried putting on the dentures, she realised that they could not be used.

She said: "I didn't expect that I wouldn't be able to wear them. These dentures are like children's toys. I bought six sets as I had wanted to give them to my sister and friends to use together."

Based on photos provided by Ms Luo, the teeth looked to be made of plastic and resembled Halloween props.

Although annoyed, Ms Luo had no way of contacting the seller directly and hence was unable to request a refund.

She then left multiple comments on the Facebook advertisement in hopes of warning other customers, only for the seller to delete the entire ad.

Ms Luo added: "It's immoral to lie to the elderly. The elderly have no income and it's not easy to earn a living! I hope sharing my experience will remind others not to be scammed."