Woman bleeds all over Xi'an hotel sheets after 'uninvited guest' pricks her butt

A messy room with a bed stained with blood sounds like a scene that you would see in horror films. For a group of four tourists, however, it was a reality.

They had arrived at a hotel in Xi'an, China on Sep 19 and discovered a strange stain on one of the pillows in their room.

According to Sina, one woman then flopped herself on the bed -- only to scream in pain and start bleeding from her buttocks.

Upon investigation, the guests found the culprit to be a hedgehog that was on the bed.

They then reported the incident to the hotel manager, who rebuffed their concerns and insisted that there was no hedgehog.

The dispute escalated into a brawl and police had to be called in.

Officers subsequently checked the hotel room where they lo and behold, found the creature still at the "crime scene".

Still, the hotel manager refused to take responsibility and said there was no problem with the room when the group checked in that morning.

The hotel owner's wife also said that the rooms are thoroughly cleaned daily and did not understand how the animal could have gotten in.

Police investigations are ongoing.