Woman bites into 'crunchy' durians from Chong Pang stall, allegedly discovers maggots inside

A woman and her family purchased 2kg of durians for $30 at a stall in Chong Pang, Yishun and later allegedly discovered maggots inside the fruit when she got home.

Facebook user Cassandra Neo wrote about the incident in a post dated Aug 2 and said: "The seller kept psycho[ing] us to get $18/kg durians but we ended up buying 2 @ $30 even though his attitude was bad (probably because we didn't get the ones @ $18/kg)."

As she was the first in her family to try the durians, Cassandra said she was the one who made the unfortunate discovery.

She added: "To my horror, there were worms in the durian, faint ~" but that she "didn't notice till the second bite as I felt there were crunchy bits inside the flesh."

The family then returned to the stall to inform the seller about what happened.

His reply, according to Cassandra, was: "一个而已吗, 再选两个咯 (one only, choose another two durians lor)", adding that the seller did not appear apologetic.

Upon asking for a refund, Cassandra shared how one of the stall employees "passed us the $ and said: '拿拿 (take take)'.

"Lol hello, we don't owe you anything. All we want is to get the refund as the incident of having worms already grossed me [out," she wrote.