Woman begs for 'a chance please' after getting caught stealing rolls of toilet paper

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A woman was left pleading for forgiveness profusely after she was caught stealing multiple rolls of toilet paper from a car servicing centre.

A video of the incident, which occurred at Toyota Leng Kee Service Centre, was posted on TikTok recently.

Seveal readers alerted Stomp to the video, in which a man can be seen confronting a woman holding a reusable bag and asking her what she had stolen.



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The woman then repeatedly says "I put back" and "toilet paper only" as she reveals what is in her bag.

The man responds, "How many times already? I have observed you for so many times," suggesting that this was not her first offence. He later says that she has done this at least five times.

Throughout the video, the woman frantically begs the man for "another chance please". She also says that she would "put back" what she had taken and that she would not return to the place anymore.

She complies when told to put down her bag, from which she removes four toilet rolls.

The woman then leaves the centre and walks to a car parked outside.

The video has garnered mixed reactions after going viral online.

Some netizens were concerned that the woman could have mental health issues and felt that the man should not have shamed or ridiculed her.

Others, however, pointed out that stealing is wrong and comes with consequences. They also said that this did not appear to be the woman's first offence.

In response to media queries, vehicle distributor Inchcape Singapore confirmed that its subsidiary, Borneo Motors, is aware of the May 27 video.

The company immediately launched an internal investigation to determine the source of the video and the parties involved.

A spokesman told Shin Min Daily News: "We confirm that the video was not taken or endorsed by any of our employees, and it was a sub-contractor who took the video.

"We are working with our sub-contractors to ensure that their personal conduct is in accordance with the company's professional standards and values."

The spokesman also said that Borneo Motors is committed to creating a respectful and professional environment for everyone, adding: "As a respectable enterprise, we do not condone any theft or unauthorised removal of the company's property from our premises. In such situations, we reserve the right to pursue legal action."