Woman beats the odds, models despite losing her leg to gangrene after accident

When Rosalina Oktavia found out that her left leg had to be amputated due to complications following a surgery to correct a torn tendon, she was devastated.

The 27-year-old part-time model said that she felt like her life was "finished" three years ago when she had the operation in Indonesia, her home country.

During the surgery, one of her arteries had been severed and gangrene had set in, causing her flesh and skin to rot away. 

She was told that if the doctors did not amputate, she would die. 

"I didn't want to continue my life," she told Stomp in a one-on-one interview.

"I saw my father cry and he said, 'If I [could], I [would] give my leg to you'," she said. 

She got her wake up call after realising how distressed her parents were at seeing her give up. 

"This was not good for my parents, for me and my family. 

"I must be strong."

She picked herself up again and was determined to accomplish everything that she had been doing before. 

"I can do anything," she told Stomp with a confident smile. 

"The only thing I miss is running." 

Rosalina faced challenges at first and was self-conscious about how other people saw her. 

She reflected on how some men would want to get to know her but would then flee upon seeing that she had a prosthetic leg. 

"I learnt to guard my heart," she said. 

However, she did not expect to be caught up in a whirlwind romance when she got to know her now husband, Don Kasunjith. 

"We got to know each other through Instagram," she said. 

She told Stomp that Don, who is a Singapore permanent resident, flew to Indonesia to meet her. 

"I didn't let myself expect anything but he came back a few more times and met my family." 

They were married within six months and now both live in Singapore where Don is an engineer and Rosalina is a clinic assistant. 

It was with her husband's encouragement, that she took up modelling again. 

It began with him taking photos of her himself. 

Once they were posted on social media, she was approached by other photographers. 

She is now also an ambassador for Models of Diversity, an organisation that campaigns for diversity in the modelling industry.

This was following her first appearance on the catwalk at the Singapore Fashion Runway late last year.

She hopes to be an inspiration to others with disabilities and had been invited to talk at The Women's Symposium 2018 last month.