Woman asks diner who placed feet next to her in restaurant to 'please learn basic some etiquette'

Submitted by Stomper Jane

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Stomper Jane's family lunch at Raffles City shopping mall on Thursday (Dec 19) turned unpleasant after a fellow diner took off her shoes and placed her bare feet on the seat next to Jane's.

Jane said that the incident occurred in Poulet at around 12.50pm.

She recounted: "I was having a nice family lunch when a group of three young and attractive office ladies sat at a table next to ours.

"Immediately, the woman who was seated next to me, removed her shoes and placed both her bare feet on the seat!

"Her bare feet were just next to me in close proximity and it was really so appalling!

"Her behaviour is really inconsiderate, unacceptable and lacking in basic etiquette! Isn’t it rude and unhygienic to put one's bare feet on the seat of a restaurant when there are other diners around?

"If it was the start of my meal, I would have completely lost my appetite. We quickly finished up our meals and left the restaurant.

"To the barefooted lady: If you are reading this article, please learn some basic social etiquette."

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