Woman arrested for stealing $13,500 worth of gold jewellery by pretending to try them on

A 36-year-old woman has been arrested for her suspected involvement in stealing gold jewellery worth over $13,500 from shops in Geylang and Little India.

The thefts were committed between Dec 22 last year and Jan 9.

The woman would visit jewellery shops and approach the retail assistants to enquire about gold necklaces or bangles. 

She would try the jewellery on while distracting the retail assistants and then leave the shop without paying for the jewellery.

The identity of the woman was established through extensive ground enquiries by the police and she was subsequently arrested on Jan 22.

The woman will be charged in court on Jan 25 for the offence of theft in dwelling.

If convicted, she could be jailed up to seven years.