Woman arrested after dismembered body of 12-year-old daughter found in HK toilet cubicle

Lam Min Lee
Dec 18, 2017

A neighbourly dispute over a flooded bathroom uncovered a grisly discovery in Hong Kong on Sunday night (Dec 17).

When police broke into a subdivided flat in Mong Kok, they found the dismembered body of a 12-year-old girl in the shower.

Overflowing with bloodied water, the cubicle held mutilated body parts such as her head, organs, trunk, and limbs.

The girl's mother, a 37-year-old Chinese national, was arrested in connection with the case, Apple Daily Hong Kong reported.

According to the police, the woman was uncooperative at the time of arrest. They also found no record of mental health issues or domestic violence.

A neighbour who lived in the unit opposite to the suspect told South China Morning Post that she heard chopping sounds and smelled a strong antiseptic scent emerging from the woman's flat on Sunday afternoon.

According to Apple Daily, when the suspect's flooded bathroom affected nearby flats, another neighbour confronted her that night. Alarmed by the sight of bloodied water flowing out from the bathroom, she made a police report which led to the discovery of the girl's body.

However, other reports said the neighbour had called the police after the suspect refused to return a mobile phone she had borrowed.

According to Mong Kok assistant district commander Chung Chi-ming, the deceased was a Primary Six pupil who lived with her mother in the 60 square foot flat. The police are attempting to contact the girl's father to assist with investigations.

Meanwhile, forensic pathologists said that the body was dismembered using a sharp object and there are other body parts that may have been discarded elsewhere.

The police have classified the case as murder and are now locating the missing body parts as well as the tools used in the case.



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