Woman accused of beating maid acquitted of charges, judge found statements inconsistent

A domestic helper, 39, accused her employer of abuse over the course of six weeks.

The list of accusations includes kicking, slapping, and pulling her hair. 

The accused has since been acquitted of the charges after the judge found inconsistencies in the plaintiff’s testimony, reports Shin Min Daily News

According to court documents, Wang Fu Yin, 32, lives in a Clementi Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat with her husband, a son and a daughter. 

Wang was introduced to the maid via an agency and brought her home on July 19, 2015. 

However barely three days later, the Wang lodged a complaint with the agency, citing that the maid’s poor performance.

The maid told the agency that she would improve. 

Two weeks later, Wang called the agency again and lodged another complaint about her maid. 

At the same time, the maid asked to work for a different employer and said that she was beaten by Wang. 

She said that she was willing to wait for a replacement take her place first. 

On September 5, 2015, Wang’s husband brought the maid back to the agency as Wang ‘could not tolerate’ her anymore. 

The maid subsequently lodged a police report, saying that she had been the victim of abuse by her employer. 

She claimed that in the short span of six weeks, she was beaten almost daily.

She also recounted that she had been kicked between August 19 and September 3,  causing her bruise on her leg. 

The maid also claimed that she often went hungry, was asked to stand outside the house, and even had to stand the night on the staircases once. 

The accusations were all denied by Wang.