Winter is coming: Cold spell in Singapore brings out unique attire like winter coat and blinking hat

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A monsoon surge in the South China Sea has brought rainy weather and a rush of cool air to Singapore, with temperatures dipping below 22 degrees Celcius.

At 5am yesterday (Jan 14), the National Environment Agency (NEA) tweeted that Admiralty and Jurong West recorded the lowest temperature so far this year and since 2016 at 21.2 deg Celcius.

Other locations ranged from 21.3 deg Celcius to 22.2 deg Celcius.

To cope with the dip in temperature, Singaporeans are breaking out their winter wear, normally reserved for holidays overseas.

Stompers Serf and SiliCili shared photos of people and their unique attire.

In a circulated photo Serf received from a friend, a woman is seen with a winter coat complete with a lined hoodie.

"It might snow tonight in Singapore," the Stomper joked.

He also shared a photo of a woman taken at Bugis wearing a black trench coat that reached her knees.

Stomper SiliCili was amused when he saw a man wearing a "blinking" fisherman's hat near Pearl Centre.

While it appears many Singaporeans are taking such measures to cope with the cooler weather, some feel there is no need to overdo it.

"It (the weather) does not affect me at all so it's funny to see these people wearing their winter clothes out," said Serf.

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