Wine Connection apologises after bartender pours customer's unwanted champagne back into bottle

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Instead of discarding champagne that had been returned by a customer, a bartender was caught on camera pouring the drink back into its bottle instead.

Stomper Anonymous said he and his wife had visited Wine Connection's Robertson Walk outlet at Unity Street for lunch on October 27, 2020, at around 12.26pm.

He recounted: "We ordered two glasses of white wine, but realised that we had been given the wrong drink when I noticed bubbles in the glasses just as we were about to 'cheers' together.

"I told my wife that it was champagne and not wine, and then asked a staff member if this was the wine that we had ordered.

"The staff member apologised, took the two glasses and brought them back to the bar.

"While we were waiting for our glasses of wine, we noticed the bartender pouring the champagne back into the bottle.

"My wife and I were in shock because we had been talking over the glasses of champagne and, with the Covid-19 pandemic, I felt that the drinks should have been thrown away and not put back into the bottle."

Anonymous said that he did not speak up about what the incident as he had been in a rush to return home, explaining: "The situation was awkward, and I was still in shock and disbelief about what had happened.

"Being busy with work and my family situation overseas in October due to Covid-19, I soon completely forgot about the matter.

"On New Year's Eve, I was speaking with a friend when I remembered the incident and the video that I took, which my friend told me I should share."

In response to a Stomp query, a Wine Connection spokesman said: "We take pride in our hygiene policies and practices, and our customers' health and well-being are of the highest importance to us.

"What is seen in the video is not our practice and it is unfortunate to have been alerted of this incident through this manner.

"We sincerely apologise and are reinforcing our hygiene practices and policies with all restaurants as we speak.

"We have not received any feedback from the customer and hope to get in touch with him so that we can investigate further and take corrective action."

Anonymous declined to be contacted by the company, however, adding: "The place is really nice and I've had good times there with my friends and wife, but I'm definitely not going back there anymore."