Awww: Look what Stomper spots along the shores of Kallang River

Submitted by Stomper Killian

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Stomper Killian was jogging along the side of the Kallang River last Sunday (Mar 12) when he spotted an otter basking in the sun along the sandy shores.

According to Killian, the incident happened on a stretch between National Stadium and Kallang MRT Station. 

He quickly took photos of the scene and sent it to Stomp. 

Said Killian who is a foreigner:

“It’s my first time seeing an otter in real life.

“At first, I didn’t know what it was.

"I went to investigate after seeing people on canoes taking pictures.

"Every time I come to Singapore, I see animals I've never seen before.

“Someone even told me otters can be dangerous creatures and can bite if you get too close to them.”