"Wild" Honda driver tailgates car out of KKH carpark to avoid paying for parking

Submitted by Stomper KM

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A Honda driver was caught on camera tailgating Stomper KM's car in order to get out of paying for parking at KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) on Wednesday afternoon (Jan 30).

KM shared video footage taken from his car's rear camera of the man following his car very closely as he was exiting the carpark.

"I was about to exit the carpark of KKH at 12pm when I noticed a Honda with a "Wild" sticker on its windscreen with licence plate number SFS6769E waiting near the exit gantry," said the Stomper.

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"When I passed by the Honda, the driver immediately started driving and tailgating me to avoid parking charges.

"Can KKH's parking management do something about this?"