Wild boars enjoy family outing at Pasir Ris Park

Submitted by Stomper Kay

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Family outings are never boar-ing. When was the last time you bonded with yours?

Stomper Kay was amazed when he spotted a group of wild boars near the bird sanctuary at Pasir Ris Park yesterday morning (May 20).

Kay said: "I have never seen them in a herd.

"Two years ago, I saw one or two at a time.

"But today, I saw a whole family at Pasir Ris Park yesterday morning!"

According to the National Parks Board (NParks), when you encounter wild boars:

  • Stay calm and slowly back away from the animal because they are wild and have unpredictable behaviours.

  • Keep a safe distance and do not corner or provoke the animal such as by taking pictures of it.

  • When adults are with their offspring, leave them alone as they are especially protective of their young.