Why is this driver travelling along pavement in Yishun?

Submitted by Stomper Lin Za

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A car was captured moving along a walkway near Block 507 Yishun Avenue 4 at midnight on Wednesday (Nov 7).

Stomper Lin Za had just finished her supper and was on her way back home with a friend when she recorded the unusual incident on her mobile phone.

She said that the driver appeared to be making a U-turn, however, he just turned right and drove on the walkway.

In a video she shared with Stomp, the car is seen going straight along the walkway.

It passes by a bus stop where there are children and a woman pushing a pram.

Lin Za said: "I was very shocked by this incident. I don't know if the driver had partied too hard and didn't know what he was doing.

"I was worried for the woman with the pram."