Why is there a soiled diaper on the floor of this restaurant at Changi Airport T1?

Submitted by Stomper Ace

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Stomper Ace and her family were having lunch at a restaurant in Changi Airport Terminal 1 on Sunday (Aug 13)  at around 1pm when they saw a soiled diaper on the floor, below a diner’s chair.

The diner was part of a group consisting of two men, a woman, and a toddler. 

According to Ace, when restaurant staff approached the diner’s family after noticing the diaper, the group stood up to leave immediately.

Before leaving, the woman reportedly took out a piece of wet tissue, wiped her phone, and threw it on the table.

They also had a Ziploc bag containing a yellow liquid which they took with them as they left. 

Ace said that the group could be tourists as they spoke with a foreign accent and carried a small suitcase. 

Said Ace:

“I have no idea if the diaper on the floor is theirs, but I wouldn't have sat down at that table if there was a diaper lying around."