Why did the monitor lizard cross the road? Because it's Yishun

Submitted by Stomper Christopher

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Stomper Christopher and his colleague were travelling in a car in Yishun when they noticed the most unusual of jaywalkers: A monitor lizard.

Christopher said he came across the 1.5-metre reptile near Khatib MRT station last Thursday (March 28), at around 9.20am.

The Stomper, who had been on his way to work, said: "Cars were moving slowly in order to avoid it.

"I wonder where it came from as it looked like it has something like a tag around its neck."

Photos and a video taken by Christopher show the monitor lizard stopped in the middle of a road.

"I'm not sure if it crossed the road eventually as the traffic light turned green and we had to move off," added the Stomper.