Why did cabby jam on brakes even though there aren't other vehicles or traffic light?

Submitted by Stomper Yew Heng

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A taxi was caught on camera abruptly stopping at a traffic junction along West Coast Ferry Road on Nov 5.

Stomper Yew Heng, a private hire car driver, had just dropped off a passenger at West Coast Pier, when he encountered the incident at about 8.20pm.

He sent the video to Stomp in the form of a YouTube link

In the video captured by Yew Heng's in-car camera, a taxi is seen waiting for a red light to change.

When the light turns green, the taxi moves and turns left.

The private hire car was travelling right behind the taxi throughout the video.

As soon as Yew Heng turns left, the taxi driver brakes.

A horn blares from Yew Heng's car.

Yew Heng said: "I was pissed off because the taxi driver jammed his brakes so suddenly. There was nothing in front of him, so I don't know why he did it."