Why are there tombstones behind this bus stop at Xilin Ave?

Submitted by Stomper Rasheed

Stomper Rasheed spotted two tombstones behind a bus stop in Xilin Avenue, opposite Singapore Expo, last Friday (July 14), at around 11pm, having just completed his night shift duties. 

As it was already late, Rasheed walked off instead of investigating the eerie spectacle. 

However, when he went back to the same bus stop yesterday (July 17) at around 3pm, he saw that the tombstones were still there.

He took some photos of the tombstones and sent them to Stomp. 

From the photos, each of the tombstones could be seen set against a tree, with engravings on them stating the name and year of passing of the deceased. 

Said Rahseed:

“Why are there tombstones here?

“There aren’t any construction works nearby, so how did these get here?

"This is freaky."