Who's right, who's wrong? Cyclist rants at BMW driver on FB for not 'sharing road'

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A BMW driver was called out by other cyclists for not sharing road space.

Stomper Anonymous submitted two videos of the incident that occurred along North Bridge Road, towards Cantonment Road, on Tuesday morning (July 24).

Anonymous said the videos were recorded by his cyclist friend and that he was helping to share them to raise awareness.

A second cyclist dressed in a red shirt, whom Anonymous said was also his friend, can be seen gesturing at the BMW driver in the videos.

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Anonymous told Stomp: "Blue BMW vehicle SLX 7868 Z was trying too close to rear wheels.

"As you can see, this driver don’t give a f*** to share the road or space.

"Please lah! I know it’s working hours and you need to rush. Some more this red rider already warned you but you still driving too close..."

The Stomper, who would like to remain anonymous despite having posted the videos on his personal Facebook page as well as in public groups with the same caption, added: "Aren't we supposed to share the roads? I abide by the rules too, idiot."

Reactions to the videos are mixed:

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