Who's right, who's wrong? Cabby and passenger argue over whose route to take for flat fare ride

A taxi driver and his passenger got into a heated argument over their choices of preferred routes.

It is unclear when and where exactly the incident occurred, but a video of the dispute was posted on the Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook group.

In the video, the Comfort taxi driver can be heard relating his situation to a third person on the phone.

The driver had apparently wanted to take an alternative route to avoid a traffic jam on the Central Expressway (CTE), but the passenger insisted on his chosen route.

Hence, the cabby wanted to drop the passenger off "at the side of nowhere", the passenger can be heard saying.

It was also mentioned in the conversation that this was a ride with a flat fare.

Cabby's perspective:

"You go by the driver's way, not the passenger's way."

"He [the passenger] does not want to go my way, so I have to drop him."

Passenger's perspective:

"The passenger has a choice too, you know."

"I am paying for this [ride] and I have the right to refuse [your route]. You go by my way."

Netizens' comments:

"Flat rate of course driver's way, but if it is by [the] meter, then follow passenger's way."

"Normally, for flat fares, the driver will go by the fastest way."

"Of course, taxi driver is right. No choosing of route for flat fare riders."

"To know that it is a flat fare and being told there is a traffic jam on the CTE, and yet insist on going that route is to deliberately make things difficult for the taxi uncle."

"Both need to go for good education courses."

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