Who says food is expensive? Man's lunch of 8 vegetable dishes without rice costs only $3

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Stomper Rick was left feeling happy and satiated after a lunch that cost only $3 despite the many vegetable dishes that he had ordered.

Rick said he visited Canteen Chuang Hock in an industrial area at 18 Gul Street 3 on Friday (Nov 15) and had lunch from the Xi Lai Bao Curry Mixed Vegetable Rice stall.

According to Rick, he ordered eight portions of vegetables: Bitter gourd, broccoli, chye sim, bean spouts, cabbage, egg, tofu and beancurd skin. He did not order rice.

Rick, whose workplace is near the canteen, said it was his second time patronising the stall.

He told Stomp: "I wanted to share this as just this month, we have heard about many people sharing their encounters with expensive mixed vegetable rice.

"But are all mixed rice vegetable stalls in Singapore really that expensive?

"Guess I have a different view about this stall which I visited. I believe some stall owners are still working very hard to keep costs low."

Referring to himself as a "happy customer", Rick added: "I feel blessed and appreciate that I can still get such affordable meals."

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