Where's this BMW rushing off to? It couldn't even let ambulance pass

Submitted by Stomper Patrick

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Stomper Patrick spotted a motorist who continued driving instead of being gracious and allowing an ambulance pass first.

Patrick said he saw the BMW driver along Jalan Tan Tock Seng on Sunday afternoon (April 8), at around 3.50pm.

"The BMW didn't want to give way even though the ambulance was right in front of it, thus almost causing an accident," added the Stomper.

In a video filmed by Patrick, the ambulance -- which had its blinkers on -- can be seen braking to avoid a collision with the BMW.

Instead of slowing down or stopping, the BMW swerved around the ambulance instead.

It is noted that the traffic light was in the BMW driver's favour.

Patrick also told Stomp: "I just feel like the BMW driver could have slowed down.

"This is not safe for either party."