'Where is the love?' Stomper shares how hard it was to find someone willing to help when his phone died

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Have you ever had your phone die on you while you are out and urgently need to make a call to someone?

Stomper JediDarth has been caught in that particular scenario a few times and unfortunately, has struggled to find kind-hearted individuals to help him out.

"The number of rejections I've gotten is unbelievable," the Stomper told Stomp.

He has discovered in his times of need that there are certain groups of people who are more likely to offer a helping hand.

"Most who have helped and lent me their phone were students or elderly people," he said.

"Some elderly trust me and hand me their phone so I can use it. Some even dial the number I need to make a call to. Most kids and teens pass me their phones as well."

One of the times the Stomper was left stranded and unable to use his phone was when he was on the way to a job interview and his vehicle had broken down.

"My phone was dead," he said. "I had to rush to the nearest bus stop for help."

Thankfully, a schoolgirl generously offered to let him use her phone to make a call.

Another time, the Stomper got lost on his way to a venue and his phone's battery died as well.

"I asked more than 6 people before I found someone who actually lent me their phone to make a call."

According to the Stomper, people who are least likely to offer their phones are men.

"Those who rejected me were mainly men and young adult males,"  he said.

"All they say is 'no, sorry'.

"People need to grow younger or older in Singapore.

"Apparently, the younger generation is more understanding than the older ones.

"Where is the love?

"Help a fellow mate in need, people."

Would you lend your phone to someone who was in urgent need to use it?

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