When will this bicycle abuse end?

Submitted by Stomper Jay, Chongyock, Jialiang, Allan

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It appears that with every day there are more and more cases of bicycle abuse in Singapore.

Although there are relatively more trivial incidents of riders being selfish and parking bicycles from ofo and oBike in inaccessible places, there are also those who go too far and completely vandalise and damage these bicycles that are meant for sharing.

Stomper Jay recently found an oBike in a canal just after Stomp reported on a man who was caught on video throwing an ofo bike into another canal at Punggol.

Stomper Chongyock alerted Stomp to the bicycles left abandoned in a makeshift bike 'graveyard' near Pasir Ris MRT Station, showing that the situation has not improved since the last time these bicycles were spotted.

Stomper Jialiang shared a photo of an oBike that had its seat completely slashed and asked, "This joker's butt got blade or what?"

Stomper Allan shared how he found a couple of ofo bikes parked at the staircase landing of his block, depriving others from finding and using them.

Last week, a 14-year-old boy was arrested for throwing an ofo bike from the 30th floor of a block at Jalan Tenteram.

When will this all end?

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