Who's to blame if these errant cyclists and e-scooter riders get into an accident?

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Reckless riders are still a common sight in Singapore, veering through vehicles and treating the roads as their own.

In several videos posted on various pages, cyclists and personal mobility device (PMD) users are seen riding perilously on both roads and footpaths.

In a video posted on Fabrications About The PAP's Facebook page, a man is seen riding a bicycle without holding the handles, before cutting across four lanes to make a U-turn.

According to a caption that accompanies the post, the incident reportedly happened at the junction of Bukit Timah Road and Forth Avenue on Aug 1 at 4pm.

In another video that was posted by Facebook user Jeff Calories Ng, an e-scooter user is seen riding on the pavement while another rode on the road. 

The incident apparently happened at the Yishun area at 2.44pm on Aug 3, according to a caption and a timestamp in the video.

The rider on the pavement was going at a speed so fast that it caused a woman and a child to leap off the pathway and onto the safety of the grass instead.

A third e-scooter rider dressed in black is also seen swerving in between cars before going onto the pavement.

In a video posted on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road's Facebook page, yet another cyclist is seen weaving through traffic

According to a caption accompanying the post, the incident reportedly happened along Jurong West Street 42, at the junction of Jurong West Avenue 1, at 6.07pm on Aug 2.

A boy dressed in what appears to be a school uniform is seen veering through vehicles from the right to the left before cutting across the junction to make a U-turn.

Stomper EHHC also shared with Stomp a video of a cyclist who rode across a road despite the traffic lights being in favour of vehicles. 

The incident occurred before Boon Lay Way, near Lakeside MRT station, at about 10am on Aug 5.

EHHC said: "This is a case of a reckless cyclist who blatantly disregards the rules of public road usage, putting himself in danger and at the same time causing inconvenience to others."