What's this lorry driver doing placing the cover of a bin on the road?

A lorry driver was captured on camera placing the cover of a bin on the road.

According to the caption of the video of what happened posted on Everyday SG, the incident took place near Woodlands Avenue 3 on Jul 24 at around 5.19am.

In the video, the driver can be seen travelling on the road before coming to a halt near a bus stop.

He then alighted the vehicle and walked to a bin.

Thereafter, he took the bin's cover and placed it on the second lane of the road.

Towards the end of the video, he boarded the lorry and drove away.

The reasons for his bizarre act are unclear.

Some netizens however, have questioned how the person who recorded the video knew what the driver was going to do even before he stopped his vehicle.

On All Singapore Stuff, where the video was also posted, a netizen asked:

"How can the contributor get ready to shoot the video when the driver is still driving?

Commented another Facebook user:

"How did the person who took this video know what the uncle wanted to do???"