What's this green-and-black coloured creature lurking in East Coast Park pond?

Submitted by Stomper Pavel

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Pavel was talking a walk at East Coast Park yesterday (Aug 28) afternoon when he chanced upon a "strange creature" in a pond.

In a video Pavel shared with Stomp, a bright green-and-black coloured creature is first seen swimming beneath some leaves, before approaching the surface of the water, which has the person filming running away in fear.

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He said: "This pond is in between East Coast Park camping area D and East Coast Park Carpark D5.

"Its head looks about 15cm wide, and I could only see its head so I don't know its length.

"It looks too wide to be a snake but it doesn't look like a fish either. I really don't know what is that."

Pavel also added that sighting this intriguing creature was a first for him.

After the article was published, Stomper David suggested that the creature could be a Toman fish, accompanied by a photo of the said fish.